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These papers reflect the thoughts of the authors and contain elements of this issue often overlooked or ignored in discussions of breastfeeding in the context of HIV/AIDS. We believe that these papers deserve thoughtful consideration if we are to arrive at the information needed for appropriate feeding strategies to improve infant and child survival.

Permission is granted to print and distribute all position papers in their original form.

Breastmilk Costs Peanuts!

Taking Another Look at Global Policy on HIV and infant feeding: 1985-2008

Is Mandatory Testing of Newborns for HIV in the United States a Good Idea?

Revisiting the Risk of HIV Infection from Breastfeeding

Infant Feeding and HIV: The Importance of Language in Shaping Policy

Infectious HIV in Breastmilk: True or False?

Patents, Breastfeeding, and HIV

Choice: HIV/AIDS and Infant Feeding

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